Engine of the Day: Chrysler LA Series

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How about an engine family that included V6, V8, and V10 variants and is still being manufactured today after more than 40 years? Starting with the 273-cube V8 in 1964 (itself a descendant of the mid-50s-vintage A series engine) and proceeding through vast numbers of 318s and 360s (and let us not forget the screamin' 340 Six-Pack pictured above), the LA design ended up as the basis of the 488 and 505 V10s used in Vipers and SRT-10s. While the Slant Six has pretty well established itself as the top contender for the All-Time Most Bulletproof Detroit Engine Award, its 318 stablemate makes a strong bid for second place. [Allpar]



Dealkiller the Very Tired

My dad had a '76 Tradesman with the 318. We disassembled the engine inside the truck in the fall with a kerosene heater in the back to keep us warm. When it was all back together, we only had two or three bolts left over. :D It ran pretty good 'till it rusted out completely. Then we got an '86 Ram Wagon with a slant six & four on the floor. Never drove a slower vehicle in my life. Dangerously slow.