Power a 1995 Ford F-150 with a 14.0L Cummins N14 mounted in the bed? What could possibly go wrong? That's what Jim Harris said before he dropped a Peterbilt engine into his son's F-150. There are heroes among us.

We like Jim, he's a nutcase, a very Jalop nutcase. When his Peterbilt rolled on LA's Hollywood Freeway and declared totaled, the 500 HP, 1,450 lb-ft, 14.0-liter, six-cylinder Cummins N14 diesel still ran just fine; It would've been a damn shame to scrap it, too. About the same time Jim realized the '95 F150 his son had driven in college was collecting dust and the two were soon made one. After significantly reinforcing the F150's frame, Jim dropped the N14 and an adapted Dodge 1-ton transmission in, hooked it up to a monstrous V-drive box which attaches to a Ford 101/4-inch rear axle. It takes one ton axles up front and monstrous suspension upgrades to handle the added weight, heck, the original 300 cubic inch I6 stays under the hood mostly for ballast, but the truck still manages to put the wheelie bars out back to use. Yeah, it's got the stones. Check out all the details over at Diesel Power.