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The General Motors corporation is clearly in a bad state. It is laying off workers. It is shutting down factories. The People have seen its pitiful situation, and have decided to help, starting with the monstrous face of the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD. Here are your best Photoshops. So far.


That one up top, made by esteemed colleague Raphael Orlove, is clearly a vast improvement over the original. It takes everything that makes it so hideous – the towering grille, the oddly stacked lights, the garishly chromed CHEVROLET bar, and doubles down on all of it. It has gone straight through the Vortex of Ugly Aesthetics, and come out the other side. It is so deeply strange looking, it is drop-dead gorgeous.

It is, in short, the Most Beautiful Truck of All. Truly, the Steve Buscemi of trucks.

My other esteemed colleague, Jason Torchinsky, has followed a similar tack, sacrificing the blinding extra lights (useful on construction sites, I guess? This is a work truck, right?) for extra cooling in the even-taller fascia, presumably for the 910 pound-foot-of-torque diesel.

Image: Jason Torchinsky/Jalopnik

Suck it in, Silverado HD. BREATHE DEEP.

But we’ve received a number of entirely unsolicited submissions from readers, too. Reader Ryan Palmer just tinkered with the Silverado HD’s proportions ever-so-slightly in a claimed four minutes, and the result is clearly a vast improvement:

Image: Ryan Palmer

Reader Tony Williams, on the other hand, felt the problem was the big metal bar right up front, breaking up what should be a smooth line right up front. So he moved it down:

Image: Tony Williams

But then another reader, Jackson G., also had an issue with the humongous “CHEVROLET” badging. But rather than try to modify the existing nameplate, he went entirely the other way. It needed to bigger. Bolder. More Fair & Balanced™.

Image: Jackson G.

“I shudder to think how many of these they would sell,” Jackson says.

We agree. If Chevy goes with any of these extremely cromulent designs, they would sell like hotcakes.


If you have any further references for Chevy to improve its latest monster, please drop it in the comments.

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