Embrace The Comedy Of A Giant Lamborghini Urus Getting Flung Around The Nürburgring

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It’s no LM002, but the upcoming Lamborghini Urus is still pretty darn big. How big? Big enough to have a chuckle at when you see the testing video.

That’s a mass bigger than some of our apartments, except it’s a truck flying down the Nürburgring’s infamous twisty Nordschleife course. It looks like something that shouldn’t happen, but does happen anyway against all laws of nature and physics, usually to see if the drivetrain’s any good by maxing it out in a place with no speed limits. I love everything about that.


While there’s plenty of luxury SUVs being built with track use in mind, every one of us who’s actually been in one of those supertrucks on a track has said that it’s a bit of a disorienting experience to sit up that high when you’re flogging a vehicle on a road course like this. It’s the best kind of insanity to watch, though.

The Urus is yet another ultra-SUV built on the same extremely good Volkswagen Group huge-car platform as the Bentley Bentayga, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Tourareg. But don’t call it a fancy Touareg just yet. It’s set to be Lambo’s first plug-in hybrid and its carbon fiber -heavy body has a bit more of an angular, sort-of-Lambo-like shape.

That being said, the current “make it look like our cars” strategy just makes us miss the crazy Lego brick known as the LM002. Someone please whip an LM002 around the Nordschleife next, please.

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Comedy? Big fat CUVs are so ubiquitous that even the Nürburgring isn’t safe from them.

There’s nothing funny about that.