Elon Musk's Space Car Has Racked Up Way More Miles Than Any Car in History

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A little over a year ago, SpaceX launched a 27-engine rocket, the Falcon Heavy, carrying a payload with Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster (and Starman) aboard. In November of last year, the space roadster passed by Musk’s future neighborhood on Mars.

Since then, the car continued on its ridiculously long orbit. According to whereisroadster.com, a site dedicated to tracking the car’s space drive, has now covered more distance than all the roads on Earth, by a factor of 22. The tracker says that Starman has “driven” over 807 million kilometers. By comparison, Earth’s own orbit is a little over 940 million kilometers. That’s pretty far out, man.


Starman and his Tesla Roadster will complete their first full orbit later in 2019. In any case, even without having completed a full lap of the sun, the Roadster has definitely exceeded the distance record for any car in history. There are currently about 65 million kilometers of roadway in the world, and that number grows every year. Even still, Irv Gordon’s Volvo P1800 only logged a little under 5 million kilometers before he passed, and that’s the highest mileage car we’ve ever heard of.

Interestingly, the roadster tracker also notes that the Falcon Heavy-powered Tesla is getting better fuel economy than any car in history, too. Despite being an electric car, we have to count the rocket’s 126,000 gallons of fuel expended. While that is an absolute shitload of fuel, it’s currently knocking down about 3,983 miles per gallon. Impressive!


I, for one, cannot wait to hear more about the Space Sex Fuckin’ Heavy rocket. (Starman is definitely a dead body that Musk had to dispose of, right? Am I going to get whacked for making that observation? Will I be Starman V2.0?)

Via: Business Insider