Elon Musk might've had cameos in Iron Man 2, Machete Kills, and that steaming pile of kitty litter known as Transcendence, but you're not an A-lister until you land on The Simpsons, and Musk will play/voice himself this season.

The Simpson's executive produce Al Jean let the news slip at Comic-Con that Musk will get an entire episode to himself in the 26th season.


The episode, titled The Musk Who Fell To Earth, reportedly has Mr. Burns losing all of his cash to Elon, leaving Burns bankrupt and on the street. Considering the Springfield billionaire's love of all things nuclear, it's safe to assume that Musk's push for sustainable power will play heavily in the plot line. And a Simpson-ized Model S should look better than the Elec-Taurus from Beyond Blunderdome in season 11, which starred... Mel Gibson.

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