Elon Musk Unplugs Second Marriage To Talulah Riley

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Anyone who saw Revenge of the Electric Car knows the only aspect stranger than Ray Wert's man-crush on Bob Lutz was Tesla-founder Elon Musk's marriage to actress Talulah Riley. And now it's as dead as the Tesla Roadster.


Musk sent out this sad tweet last night thanking his 13-year-younger actress wife for an "amazing four years" to which she responded by completely ignoring him, as she's done on Twitter since July of last year.


Hannah Elliott over at Forbes gets the great interview with Musk where he's typically Musk-ian in making a simple concept like love sound horrible, complex, and impractical:

"I think the foundation of love is virtue," he said, noting such qualities as hard work, sacrifice and excellence. "To the degree that someone has the sort of things that you intrinsically feel are virtuous then your love will increase. It's the idea that what you as an individual truly perceive as virtue–not what others want you to perceive or what you think society wants you to perceive but what you really perceive as virtue–is the essential part of the person. What lies within their heart."

Of course. That makes perfect sense.

So far this divorce seems less acrimonious than his last one, mostly because Riley doesn't appear to be trying to bankrupt Musk. Well, at least not yet.


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Marriage is simple equation really:

φ = Love * (det(L)) > Perception of Virtue (PoV) ≈ Virtue

∑ Feelings ≠ Imported perceptions : PoV ∝ What lies within their heart