Elon Musk Tweets That The Tesla Roadster Will Be Back Eventually

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Remember the Tesla Roadster, the punchy Lotus jammed full of batteries that put Tesla on the map about 10 years ago? It’s gone now, but we think of it fondly. And there’s a chance that it will make a comeback.


Taking to Twitter, as he is often wont to do, Elon Musk replied to a user asking about a new Roadster with, “Some years away, but yes.”


We’ve heard that the Roadster was returning before, but Musk’s Tweet seems to be more concrete news. Tesla’s current lineup, which consists of the Model S, the Model X and soon the Model 3, are still passenger cars and people carriers. Very quick people carriers, but people carriers all the same.

The Roadster was a no-compromise little electric sports car that only seated two and had an open top. It had a chassis based on the Lotus Elise. We always need more of these cars.

We don’t know what the new Roadster will even look like, but if it wears Tesla’s new corporate face, which I rather like, I’ll be happy.


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If you think about it, it’s kind of smart how Tesla went about building their market. When they first started, very few people had the idea that electric cars could be fun. There were exceptions, of course (like this guy who drag races an electric Datsun), but in most people’s minds, “electric” and “fun” just didn’t really work together. So Tesla came out with their electric sports car to get the world’s attention and prove that electric cars can be fun. Then they made the Model S and Model X to prove that electric cars can be fun and practical at the same time. The Model 3 looks to be practical and cheap, but I guess how fun it is remains to be seen.