Elon Musk Snuck a Teaser of the Tesla Truck into the Model Y Presentation

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After the reveal of the new Tesla Model Y last week, company CEO Elon Musk hinted that there had been an easter egg in the presentation that just about everybody missed. Turns out it was a teaser image of what’s supposed to be the upcoming Tesla pickup truck.

Looking at the actual image, I’d be hard pressed to confirm that there was actually a pickup truck, or really anything, actually shown off.


You’ve got a long, flat surface with a Tesla logo, another square flat surface at 90 degrees connected to that, and a light bar in the middle. If you squint at the back of the top surface, it looks like there’s a hard edge. What the hell are we looking at?

The obvious guess is that this is the hood of the upcoming truck, with a very improbable single-bar headlight. But the edge at the back of the “hood” is weird, and the hood seems very long. What happened to this:


Maybe, then, this is some sort of covered bed at the back of the truck? That would explain why all the surfaces are so flat and squared-off, as you would imagine the front of the truck would have a little more aerodynamic considerations and maybe a little more character. My coworker Jason suggested it could be the base of a stake-bed pickup.

Perhaps it’s more likely that this was just a rush job to get a teaser ready for the Model Y presentation, or extra shape and details were intentionally left out to avoid spoiling the look of the truck.


Or maybe, since Musk describes it as a cyberpunk truck, it’s not the same pickup as before. Maybe it’s some sort of self-driving land barge you just throw stuff on top of, hence the box shape.

Whatever this is, I’m not going to get excited about what’s essentially a black image with a line drawn across it. There’s nothing there. I feel like I’m being trolled.


Via Carscoops

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