​Elon Musk Says Tesla Model 3 Will Cost $35,000 Before Incentives

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The Chevrolet Bolt is being painted in the press as a Tesla competitor. It's not and Elon Musk agrees. And while GM says its 200-mile EV will be priced at $30,000, there's a big asterisk on that sticker – it includes incentives – incentives that Musk isn't including in the price of the Model 3.


Musk has said in the past that the Model 3 would cost $35,000, but tonight he clarified that figure doesn't include any state or federal tax incentives.

Just the Feds will give you $7,500 for going electric, which puts the real sticker price of the Bolt at $37,500. And if Tesla used the same math GM is promoting, that would mean the Model 3 would come in at $27,500 after current incentives.

Obviously, Tesla has a long way to get there. It still needs to deliver the already delayed (twice) Model X before getting really serious about the Model 3, and Musk shed some light on what he's trying to accomplish.

"[The Model 3] will be way different from any other car on the road," says Musk. But, "in a way that's really useful and just doesn't feel like a weird-mobile."


Yes, "weird-mobile."

Musk reiterated other facts about the Model 3, including the that it will be around 20 percent smaller than the Model S – which he admits is a big car – and that some things that are standard on its big brother will be optional on the 3 – which is sure to help that $35,000 price.


The Model 3 discussion came after Musk's on-stage interview at the Automotive News World Congress. And since Musk loves to let loose, here are the highlights of what he said to the rabid band of reporters:

  • Tesla will be "first to market with autonomous features." But people should be concerned about the safety of self-driving cars. To Musk's mind, fully autonomous vehicles will only happen when automakers can prove to consumers that they're 10 times safer than traditional cars.
  • He wants a carbon tax, and automakers and polluters should pay for the privilege of dumping crap into our atmosphere.
  • Musk has no intentions of ever leaving Tesla, but he doesn't think he'll be CEO forever.
  • When asked about hydrogen, Musk called them "extremely silly" and went on a tear about his myriad of issues with the fuel before saying that the sooner we give up on hydrogen the better. "This will be super obvious when time goes by."
  • Does he have anything to learn from the Volt or other cars on the road? "No." End of discussion.
  • No one has taken Tesla up on its "open source" patents, but they don't need to inform Tesla.
  • Superchargers will continue to expand throughout the continental U.S., Europe, China, and "most of the world" over the next couple of years.
  • The Model X has sold out for the entire first model year.
  • Regarding the recent Wall Street Journal article that calls into question the high rate of turnover of Tesla employees, Musk goes off, calls it "asinine" and points out that a lot of high-level execs have been there for quite some time. (Not so much in its communications department...)
  • Question: Are you a good boss? "I try to be a good boss… most of the time. Not all the time."
  • Tesla is not seeking partnerships, instead focusing on getting the X to market, and Musk infers that the press has burned him in the past when it came to rumors of working with other automakers.
  • Finally, this delightful little nugget from the first Q&A: Musk originally thought that with phones and tablets, interior lights in the back seats of the Model S were useless. That was until one of his kids was reading a book. "This is the stupidest car in the world," said one of Musk's progeny. "After that we put the lights in the back."



If he delivers on this shit, my next car should be perfectly timed to be a model 3. Right now with falling gas prices there has been a lot of anti tesla sentiment. My desire for a car with full torque from zero RPM and less mechanical parts splashed with a dose of fun hasn't abated one bit. I'm willing to admit that I may be in the minority but I think he will sell the HELL out of this thing as long as it performs comparatively to a 3 series.