Elon Musk Promises That Model S Auto Pilot Is 'Almost Ready'

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Remember the Big D reveal way back in October of last year? Most people were so enamored with the dual-motor drivetrain and insane acceleration that the other news – Auto Pilot – fell off the radar. Owners were promised the upgrade earlier in the year, and now it’s almost August, so Musk took to Twitter.


The reason for the delay – like many other things Musk and Tesla have promised in the past – are the technical hurdles it has to overcome. One of those is the Auto Pilot’s ability to stay within the lane when the lane markings are faded and the sun is shining down on the asphalt, reducing the contrast the cameras need to pick up the lines.

Musk is promising that the car will “learn over time” to deal with these situations, but there’s also some question about whether the hardware itself – the cameras, specifically – are able to do what Tesla is claiming.

Granted, other automakers have had similar features on the market for years, and the delay with Tesla’s implementation might have to do more with Musk’s penchant for absolute perfection rather than simple hardware and software develop. Plus, Musk does have a habit of overhyping and not always delivering.


Giant Lobster Monster

“low contrast lane markings”

What about snow covered roads in Canada on which no one ever sees the lines for half the year?