Elon Musk Just Blocked Fortune On Twitter

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If you take nothing else from Elon Musk’s bizarre, conspiracizing beef with Fortune, know this: the CEO of Tesla is hilariously petty.


After Fortune brought up the not-invalid point that a fatal crash of a Tesla while cruising in semi-autonomous Autopilot mode may be considered a material fact for investors, depending on your interpretation of dry financial documents, Musk’s been on a bit of a tear.


First, he hinted that Fortune’s journalistic impetus might not be on the up-and-up, but rather a “sponsored” conspiracy. Then he said he was being ironic, and Jalopnik didn’t “get” his tweet. Then he linked to a disastrous Reddit “Ask Me Anything” from the reporter at Fortune who questioned his stock sales, which seemed to be entirely filled with people stanning for Tesla and accusing the reporter, Stephen Gandel, of being funded by the Koch brothers.

Musk called it “very funny.” Hilarious, ironic jokes, you see.

But seriously, him blocking Fortune’s Twitter account actually is funny.

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real talk: i have a friend who runs a sustainable clothing start up and they pay fortune magazine for press about them. fortune magazine is an advertorial. elon musk calling attention to that isn’t him being cranky - we like elon musk because he reminds us of the tony stark we all want the world to have: vocal CEO of a futuristic company who tells it like it is directly to the public. if he wants to tell the world that fortune is bullshit, because fortune’s bullshit is hurting his stock price, how is this different than tony calling out Hammer Industries?