Elon Musk Is Going On A 3,200 Mile Tesla Trip With His Five Kids

Would you want to drive a Tesla Model S from Los Angeles to New York? How about with five of your kids onboard? You can be forgiven for saying "no" to that, but Elon Musk is no ordinary man. He'll be taking a six-day, 3,200 mile road trip in one of his cars very soon.

CNN Money reports Musk just finalized the details of the journey, which he says will only require nine total hours of charging. He'll be doing it at the end of the year, and embraced the inevitable comparisons to Clark Griswold.

"I'm planning to do a road trip with my kids from LA to NY at the end of the year. Which will be an adventure. Kind of like those Chevy Chase movies," Musk said at the company's annual meeting back in June, just after he revealed plans to greatly expand the supercharger network.


As CNN Money reports, the seven-seat Model S (it has rear-facing seats in the back!) will be driven cross country to call attention to Tesla's growing network of Supercharger stations. About 20 stops should be required in total. Musk's route from Los Angeles to New York will likely swing all the way north through South Dakota and Minnesota to take advantage of where the supercharger network will be by then, CNN says.

Best of luck to you and your kids on your journey, Elon. We can't wait to see what kind of madcap adventures the Musk clan gets into along the way. By the way, are there charging stations at Wally World?

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