Elon Musk Asked The Tesla Faithful How To Make The Model 3 Prettier

Well, I guess really he just asked for “comments, suggestions, and criticisms,” but what an awful lot of people focused on was how to make the Model 3 more attractive, and many were focused on the front end.


For a lot of people, the lack of a grille up front is frightening and confusing, like an unfrozen caveman encountering his first slot machine. Personally, I’m a fan of the grille-less front end, but I can see that some tweaking is likely in order.

My issue is that while the front end does pleasingly remind me of a Renault Caravelle, the creases in the front seem to sort of halfway suggest where a grille would go, if there was one, as opposed to just fully embracing the grille-free look entirely.

To that end, some people had excellent suggestions of how to improve the front end, taking a page from Porsche’s long experience with intake-free noses:


That does look a lot cleaner, and more elegantly grille-free. Some other suggestions including the Model X-style grille-replacing moustache:


And some posts from the Grill Me thread from the Tesla Motors Forum advocate full-fake grille, from the Model S’ glossy grille-replacement panel


... all the way to full-fake grilles, like this Aston-Martinish number:


I’m still firmly in camp no-fake-grille, but, as always, I’m curious to see what people think. Maybe they should just mount a spare tire up front there and be done with it.

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