Elio Motors Shelves Plan To Raise $100 Million On Wall Street After Bowing To Our New Savior Lord Jesus CryptoChrist

Elio at the 2015 LA Auto Show
Elio at the 2015 LA Auto Show
Photo: Raphael Orlove

Elio Motors has just pulled its IPO, per SeekingAlpha, a shocking move for, wait, no, a not shocking move for America’s sketchiest car company. It has only been a day since the once-hyped company pivoted to crypto currency and nothing is off the table.

Of course it was only late last year that Elio was making a “make-or-break” move with this now-gone IPO, looking for $100 million to “keep the dream alive,” as we put it.


What was the sweet, sweet influx of funds that got Elio to ditch this plan? That Rock of Gibraltar, crypto currency. Also $2.5 million from Overstock.com, which is somehow still a thing.

Don’t let that dream of a three-wheeled demi-car with a not-a-Geo engine die. It’s totally gonna happen, y’all.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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