Elio Motors: Our Car Is Better Than Cow Farts

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More than a year has passed since Elio Motors first announced plans to build its three-wheeler car. And now they're saying it won't go into production until 2015, so they have to drum up some news. Saying their car is cleaner than cow farts is, well, a thing.

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, Elio decided to let everyone know Monday that its new car, due for launch next year for $6,800 with an anticipated 84 mpg, isn't just more efficient than other modern cars. Here's their research:

  • One cow produces 242 lbs of methane a year through burps and flatulence. Methane traps 20 times more heat than CO2 over a 100-year period. (SOURCE: Get Green Living) In a year, the average cow will emit 4,840 lbs of CO2 equivalent greenhouses gases.
  • Elio Motors vehicle, driven 20,000 miles, will emit only 4,500 lbs of CO2. So… the Elio is more environmentally friendly than cow farts.

So if a cow is a form of transportation you are considering right now, you'd better hold off and see if Elio Motors can make a car for you next year. No word if a cow fart comparison will be a new requirement for new car window stickers.

(UPDATE: I called it an electric car earlier. It isn't. Elio says it gets 84 MPG.)

Photo: Elio Motors

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Bullshit. That's right, our car is slightly better than bullshit.