"The Liberty Electric Range Rover will drive cleanly and quietly around roads and cities, free of tax, congestion and parking charges, making less environmental impact than even the smallest, most fuel-efficient car, yet still offering the comfort and security of a luxury 4x4," claims Barry Shrier, the Liberty's founder. In addition to the batteries and electric motor — which purportedly give a 200-mile range and performance in line with the gasoline version — Shrier is planning to install a small generator as a range extender a lá the no-green-for-you-till-2011 Chevy Volt.

The real shock comes not from the performance or range, but the price. While the electricity used to power the electric Range Rover might cost pennies-per-mile, the cost of entry is going to be somewhere near a whopping $190,000 to $250,000. Shrier's not worried though, he's targeting London's early adopting elite as his initial customer base. He then claims sales of the first few years' products will then fund the development of more affordable models.

Liberty, who have $60 million in capital to play with, are aiming to eventually create tens of thousands of electric vehicles per year and hundreds of jobs. By using existing platforms, they'll cut out non-power train development costs and safety regulations, while using high-end products like the Rangie guarantees a quality product. Expect to see small children and deaf blind people fleeing in terror through London's posher neighborhoods by 2010. [via Autocar]