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Electric Land Rover Safari saves nature so you can hunt it

Illustration for article titled Electric Land Rover Safari saves nature so you can hunt it

Imagine a Land Rover Defender that can roll up on a herd of antelopes without giving itself away, at least in the internal combustion sense. That's what we have here: an all-electric Landie concept created in South Africa.


Apparently built in a sort of partnership between Land Rover South Africa and a local Landie specialist Barker Performance Products for a tourism expo, the Defender Safari EV concept has an air-cooled AC induction electric motor producing around 80 hp and and 243 lb-ft of torque, by way of a 27kWh, 300V battery pack by Axeon.

Of course, the 50-mile range at 37 mph pretty much assures the E-Landie will never get far enough into the bush to capture any wildlife, either by rifle or Canon.


[UPDATE: The electric Defender's builders want to make sure everyone's clear on this. It's not for THAT kind of safari; it's for "game viewing" not for "game sighting."]

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BoxerFanatic, troublesome iconoclast.

I can't think of anything more idiotic right now than driving through the wilderness in a car powered by batteries that requires a power source and hours and hours to recharge.

A vehicle that will very likely try to strand you somewhere inhospitable amongst predators that can and will see you as their food.