Elderly Motorist Bounces A Teen Out Of A Car

A 72-year old Minnesota woman driving a 2006 Impala down Highway 72 crossed the centerline and briefly drove through the rough shoulder and into a ditch. She exited the ditch and continued driving, not realizing she had ejected the 15 year old girl asleep in the back seat.

Apparently the driver, Louise Ericksen, had also decided to live her life dictated by cartoon rules of physics. While in the ditch, the car struck a no-passing sign which shattered the rear driver's-side door window, providing the exit for the bouncing teen. Neither Ericksen nor the front seat passenger, an 18 year old woman, realized their snoozing relative had exited the car.


This story brings up all kinds of fascinating questions. Questions like, "Shouldn't this be in Florida?" and "Who the hell runs off the opposite side of the road, into a ditch, hits a sign, and just keeps going, like 'fuck it?'" Oh, and "Who's 72-year old grandma does that shit and keeps going, like 'fuck it?'"

And that's not even addressing the Warner Bros-physics required to bounce a sleeping girl out of a car window and have her end up uninjured by the side of the highway. Is it wrong I'd kind of like to see a video of this? Oh, and about the issue of not noticing your passenger's gone: Grandma almost runs off the road, hits something, and no one in the car thinks to, I don't know, turn their fucking heads 30° behind them? Or if that's too much effort, maybe glance in the rear-view mirror? Perhaps even say the girl's name? I know she was sleeping, and it's sweet they didn't want to disturb her, but I'll bet she may have gotten woken when the car went in that ditch and hit that sign. Just a hunch.

(Thanks, Mark Berhow!)

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