Sometimes the world is cruel in ways we don't understand, like this senseless instance of smash-em-up wherein an elderly driver somehow backed into and onto a lovely BMW 2002, resulting in a seriously goofy accident scene.

The entire story comes from our shooter here, who was awakened by a phone call from the police and rushed down to the scene where he reports the following:

So the police call me at home at 9:30 AM Sunday morning ... and tell me my car was involved in an accident. My first panicky thought was "what'd I do?" and my second was "what'd my car do without me?" and my third was to grab my camera as I dash out the door and up the hill. I am greeted by the scene you see here.

The SFPD just wants me to move my car (not shown), which was parked seven feet away from the modern sculpture you see above. My vehicle was just an innocent bystander.

Somehow the driver managed to build this little masterpiece while backing out of his driveway Sunday morning. My car needed to move so they could fit the tow truck in there for some artistic deconstruction.

No one was injured in the accident (whew).

The presumed owners of the BMW 2002 (shown on its side), in pajamas, were present sitting on their steps — they had parked in front of their house. She was sobbing on the telephone as the police dropped flares to block off the street. Neighbors and joggers stood around and tried to reverse-engineer the physics.

The driver was an older man, with handicapped plates. He called the police.

We're left wondering how the heck that happened, and just how much the bill will be to fix that piece of sweet Bavarian steel. [Automatt's Flickr stream]

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