Ein Mama Mia! Driving Zee Ferrari 599 GTB

Defaulting to calling one's mother when faced with particularly disquieting experiences is a universal trait that transcends language. Though maybe, while driving the 620 hp Ferrari 599 GTB — accelerating from zero to 196mph on a public street — it automatically translates into Italian. Whoa, momma.


[via Carscoop]

Ferrari 599 GTB Commercial Video Est Arrive! [internal]

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I had always been a little disappointed with the pictures of the 599 and 612 that I'd seen in the Buff books and on the net, even to the point of wondering if owners of these vehicles turned on the lights in their garage and wished they were looking at a F430 rather than a Corvette from Pininfarina.

However, having seen these two cars in person this weekend at the DC auto show, I was convinced. Maybe its because they didn't have the cursed pentagram wheels, but these cars, especially when viewed head on in person, look like the top-level cars that they are. They may not be up to some Ferrari-freaks standards for design, but for this car-nut/style-knownothing, I was converted in the flesh. Those tricky demons must have stayed even when the wheels were changed.

P.S. Chrysler Sebring - worst steering wheel ever. Looked like it was the plastic chest plate for a kids Gladiator costume.