Eight Real Excuses Given To Rental Car Companies

Europcar, one of the largest rental companies in Europe, has heard some crazy excuses for why their rental vehicles came back late or damaged. The eight most hilarious excuses below.

Whereas Americans merely crash their rental cars because they're bad drivers, the English seem to have some sort of Benny Hill-like caper at every turn. Click next to read the excuses.


Photo Credit: AllFordMustangs

Excuse: "I ran into a cow."

What Happened: According to the renter, a cow escaped from a field near where they parked their car. With a former in pursuit the cow ran into the vehicle, damaging the fender.


Excuse: "I've lost it in a parking garage"

What Happened: Parking garages are typically symmetrical and filled with the same mix of cars (Civic, Corolla, Civic, Accord), but losing a car in there? After a few hours it turned out the woman lost it because she was looking for the wrong car.


Excuse: "A horse sat on it."

What Happened: In order to explain the gigantic dent in the hood this renter pointed out that a horse and rider slowly backed onto the car for a nap.


Excuse: "I recycled them."

What Happened: Because recycling is apparently that complicated, a man accidentally dropped the keys in the recycling bin. Lucky for him, he forgot to take out the recycling. Unfortunately, his kind neighbor noticed he forgot and took it to the curb for him.


Excuse: "Lion Attack!"

What Happened: If you drive through a Safari you should expect a Lion to tear the bumper off of your Ford Focus.


Excuse: "The pig did it."

What Happened: We find this story a little hard to believe. Apparently, a pot-bellied pig stole the shiny keys and then a youth took those keys to steal the car. The kid was later arrested, but we're not sure about his accomplice.


Excuse: "I got two scoops..."

What Happened: As if texting-while-driving wasn't bad enough, a woman was rear-ended by a commercial van driver who managed to get distracted after dropping his ice cream in the seat next to him.


Excuse: "I fell asleep."

What Happened: We've probably all fallen asleep at one point in a parked car, but so asleep that you let your friends steal the keys and strand you with a rental car?

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