UPDATE 2: The racing support non-profit Fast-Aid is accepting tax-deductible donations in support of victims of the California 200 accident:

Fast-Aid is grieving with the rest of the off-road community in light of last night's horrific accident at the MDR California 200 in Lucerne. Fast-Aid was born out of the need for rapid assistance for the families of racers, crews, photographers and spectators after tragedies such as this. Fast-Aid is partnering with several off-road news and media outlets to coordinate donations to assist the families and more information can be found by visiting our website at www.fast-aid.org.

If you are donating specifically to help the California 200 victims, please note "California 200" on your donation and 100% of the funds received will be applied to assisting their families in this difficult time.


UPDATE 3: The names of the victims have been released, as well as stories of some last-second heroism. According to NBCLosAngeles.com the dead include:

Andrew Therrinn, 22, of Riverside, CA; Brian Wolfin, 27, of Escondido, CA; Anthony Sanchez, 23, of Escondido, CA; Danica Frantzich, 20, of Las Vegas, NV; Zachary Freeman, 24, of Fillmore, CA; and Dustin Malson, 24; of Ventura.


According to witnesses, Therrin pushed two children out of the way of the truck before being struck and killed.

(Thanks to everyone for the tips)

Photo Credit: Francis Specker/Associated Press