Eight Cars That Share Their Name With Condoms

Did you realize there are some cars that share their names with condoms? I bet most of you can come up with ‘Magnum,’ at least. I’ll admit, I am surprised there’s as many as I found. But, I guess it’s not that shocking, since the marketing of both products has a decent amount of overlap.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s just me, Torch. But I’m an editor, so it counts! I wanted to just put a note in here that this was a post that our own, beloved Editor-in-Chief Patrick George refused to publish. Probably because of all the condoms? I’m not sure, but he never wanted this post to run. I tried several times! So, since he’s left us, I’m going to run it.

This way, I’m at least mitigating my sadness that PG is gone with one positive thing: an article about jimmy hats.


It’s probably worth considering exactly why there’s all of these automotive/prophylactic crossovers happening here—I mean, aside from lots of male-skewing advertising, the two lines of products don’t really overlap all that much. Sure, they can sometimes be used in tandem, but beyond that, there are no clear answers.

My only working theory is that there’s some common themes of exoticism, mythological references, and historical references that just sort of work for almost any product, whether they’re for transporting you and your family or preventing the transport of the things that add the “your family” after “you.”

Really, that’s all I’ve got.

Here’s the eight condom/car appellation-twinsies I found:

1. Ramses


Ramses was an Egyptian car based on the NSU Prinz. A fun little rear-engined boxy sedan.

2. Trojan


There are at least two cars named Trojan, an old British farmer’s car and the Heinkel Trojan, a BMW Isetta-knockoff microcar.

3. Magnum


Big condoms, big car.

4. Avanti


Fitting, because this is the sexiest Studebaker.

5. Sphinx


Hey! Condoms your great-grandfather probably used! That’s a fun thought, right? Take a moment with that one. There were actually several companies building cars under the Sphinx name, all small, and in the early 1900s.

6. Crown


Enjoy the coronation with a Toyota Crown.

7. One


Okay, the Koenigsegg One:1 has ‘one’ in there twice, but you can always buy two One condoms to match.

8. Atlas


Interestingly, the Volkswagen Atlas is Ultra-Lubed as well, I believe.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find that there’s some I missed; if anyone thinks of any, drop them in the comments so we can be sure this remains the definitive source for cars and condoms with common names.

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