Eight Cars Burn Down in Stadium Parking Lot Due to Unattended Grill

One week into football's 18 week season, and America is already down eight cars.

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Americans love tailgating; it combines our three favorite past times of eating, relying on our cars for everything and blood sport. However, while cars and tailgating go together like peas and carrots, fire is not cars’ friend. Someone should have told that to a sports fan attending the Miami Dolphins Vs. New England Patriots game at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday.

Plumes of black smoke could be seen coming up from the parking lot around the second or third quarter. Police are investigating the fire but believe the event was accidental. A fan reportedly started the fire when they left a grill unattended in the parking lot, ABC 6 reports. One fan told NBC Miami he not only lost his flashy Benz, but quite a few bucks as well:

Scott Dellorfano, the owner of one of the cars that went up in flames, said his expensive Mercedes S63 was a total loss. He said he had $3,000 cash in the car as well.

“They said a grill caught on fire, it set off another car that blew up and it took our 5 or 6 cars. That’s what the police told me. I got insurance, you call stadium legal people, and then go from there,” Dellorfano said.

Dellorfano said the police told him someone left a hot grill under a car with carbon and that the car caught on fire which passed to the other cars.


Another life lesson folks: don’t keep thousands of dollars sitting in your car in a busy parking lot! And not just because your car might be set on fire.

From Smokey the Bear’s lips to your ears: Don’t leave fires unattended. Not in the woods, not in your backyard and not in a parking lot of an NFL stadium.