Ed Roth's Mighty Honda Civic on eBay

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Back when we were in our teens, some friends of ours had a band called Stickman Lincoln, an oddly-instrumented semi-avant pop group, that in our estimation, was the best Sacramento band you've never heard of. And they had an official vehicle: guitarist/violinist Damian Sol's Datsun 810 wagon. Random appendages were added, the bumpers were caution-striped. One door was painted in a rough approximation of a Sacramento County Sheriff's vehicle's livery. But honestly, both in legend and execution, the bullet-hole-and-bondo-ridden 810 can't hold a candle to Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's hand-lettered Honda Civic.

During his self-imposed exile from the custom car world, he drove this Civic while working as a sign-painter at Knott's Berry Farm, as well as on subsequent car-show tours with then up-and-coming Kustom Kulture artist Von Franco. This is the best non-fiberglass car that Roth ever owned by our estimation, and we would happily commute in it if we had a commute. But at this point, it would probably be better left to rest and be admired in our garagelet. What's more, unlike the Druid Princess, it would actually fit in there. Bidding starts this afternoon at 4:30PM PDT with a reserve. Auction # 300006134471.


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