Ecurie Ecrappe Alfa Makes Big Splash At Concorso Italiano, Some Shiny Cars Also Show Up

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An Italian car with a glorious racing history should be given the red-carpet treatment at the Concorso Italiano, so you figure the Ecurie Ecrappe 1971 Alfa Romeo Spider should be a slam-dunk Best Of Show winner. Sadly, such was not the case, in spite of the car's great performance at many 24 Hours of LeMons races (when everything works, it's one of the fastest things on the track). Ecrappe member TheEastBayKid shot us a bunch of photos of the event; make the jump for the big gallery and EBK's description.

The Ecurie Ecrappe/Autodenta 1971 Alfa Romeo Spider returned to the Concorso Italiano in 2008 sporting red livery, Autodenta hood logo, and 750-series Giulietta front clip. This configuration was historically correct for Altamont 2008, though show judges did point out that while the car was accurate, fully documented, and competition-verified, it still totally sucks. Also in attendance was the California Mille/Sid Conklin Memorial Alfetta GT, which is significantly less terrible but still awful in its own right. The AMC Pacer of Billetproof owner and Concours d'Ignorance head honcho Alan Galbraith was spotted near the Kruse auction tent, which was an area of the event that would have been totally frickin' boring if it weren't for the sweet Pacer. And the Torino. Other highlights included a numbers-matching Trabant, and some old-ass planes.


Rob Emslie

Wow, you were there a lot earlier than I was.

I thought this gumball rally ferrari was a hoot:

And here's another shot of that sweet, sweet Pacer:

Lastly, the infamous Custom Coach Corvette 4-door:

What a cool show. Too bad it was at the airport.