eBay Find: 1976 Jensen-Healey Jensen GT

Oh man, this one hurts. As you may know we are at the age and pathetic financial situation where a man begins to look around for his project car. As you may also know, Jalopnik hearts shooting breaks brakes, especially British ones. This very good looking example of how screwed up the British auto industry was of Jensen-Healey's Lotus engined darling is right here in Southern California and just dying for a new owner (the current owner, at 6'6", is too tall to fit). So what if the engine needs to have its timing belt replaced every 18,000 miles (no, really — look it up) and the asking price is just a small percentage of what it will cost to keep this beauty on the road? I don't care. Do you care? As fate would have it we saw a stunning white convertible Jensen GT just today in Glendora (don't ask). After chasing the car for 15 miles, we realized how much better she would look as a two-door wagon. If there are any über-rich Jalopnik angels out there, now is your chance to shine! Also, don't look at the rear bumper.

1976 Other Makes Jensen GT [eBay Motors]

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