eBay Challenge: The Best Classics For Less Than $10,000

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We all know what $10k will get you on the new car market - a big fat nothing. So I propose a challenge, in which you use that money on a vehicle that was made in a simpler time - when cars ran on leaded fuel, seat belts were optional at the dealer and the only traction control available was your right foot.


(Photo by Brian Snelson)

Here are the rules:

  • Selections aren't limited to simply 'cars' (kit cars, trucks, and military/commercial vehicles included)
  • Cars must have a realistic selling price under $10,000.
  • Cars must be operable/easily restored to running condition.
  • Completed and sold listings can be included.
  • You're encouraged to add modifications, as long as it doesn't go over the total budget.
  • Write a short reason why your car is the best classic for less than $10,000 .

Now go find a car that will make bell-bottom jeans cool again.

I'll arrange the best selections afterwards. You have until the end of the weekend.

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1974 Saab Sonett III with a 1.7L Ford Taunus V4 (yes, V4). Sold for $6750. Damned if your neighbors will ever have anything as quirky that's as cool.