eBay Challenge: Cars That Will Make You Look Rich For Less Than $10,000

One of the biggest reasons people buy expensive cars is status. The ability to distinguish yourself among your peers as an elite is worth a boatload of cash to some people, but what if you’re high on ambition but low on funds?

Great news: eBay Challenge is back. Your mission this week is to find cars on eBay that were built to make you look like the Richie Rich stand-in you imagine yourself to be, for a budget of no more than ten grand.


Here are the rules:

  • One entry per post.
  • Cars must be operable/easily restored to running condition.
  • Completed and sold listings can be included.
  • You can add modifications.
  • Write a short reason why you you have the best car to make you look rich for under $10,000.

Start here and find a car that will roll down its own window to ask for Grey Poupon.

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About the author

Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez

Tavarish writes and makes videos about fixing and modifying cars on the internet. Sometimes they actually run.