eBay Challenge: Best Road Trip Cars For Less Than $15,000

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It’s the end of August, which means that it’s time to cash in those vacation days and/or unemployment bucks and splurge on a road trip where the journey is the destination. But what car is best? Your mission this week is to find the best car for a long road trip under a $15k budget. Holiday Rooooooaaaaad!

Here are the rules:

  • One entry per post.
  • Cars must have a realistic selling price under $15,000.
  • Cars must be operable/easily restored to running condition.
  • Completed and sold listings can be included.
  • You can add modifications, as long as it doesn’t go over the total budget.
  • Write a short reason why your car is the best car for a long road trip for less than $15,000.

Start here and find a car that will decimate its miles per gallon with smiles per gallon.

Tavarish is the founder of APiDA Online and writes and makes videos about buying and selling cool cars on the internet. He owns the world’s cheapest Mercedes S-Class, a graffiti-bombed Lexus, and he’s the only Jalopnik author that has never driven a Miata. He also has a real name that he didn’t feel was journalist-y enough so he used a pen name and this was the best he could do.


You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook. He won’t mind.

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The Crazy Kanuck; RIP Oppositelock

2007 Volvo V70R. 5 cylinders, turbo charged, 6 speed manual, awd. $13,000