eBay Challenge: Best Car For People That Don't Like Cars, For Less Than $20,000

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As car enthusiasts, we know that not everyone shares our love of smelling burnt rubber and unburnt gasoline. That’s why this time, you need to find the best ambassadors to car culture for less than $20,000, for people who couldn’t care less about cars.


Here are the rules:

  • One entry per post.
  • Cars must have a realistic selling price under $20,000.
  • Cars must be operable/easily restored to running condition.
  • Completed and sold listings can be included.
  • You can add modifications, as long as it doesn’t go over the total budget.
  • Write a short reason why your car is the best car for people who don’t like cars for less than $20,000.

Start here and find a car that’ll make your grandma want to challenge people at stoplights.

I’ll arrange the best selections afterwards and it’s possible your answer may be used on a new show we’re working on at Jalopnik.

Tavarish is the founder of APiDA Online and writes and makes videosaboutbuying and selling cool cars on the internet. You can also follow him onTwitterand Facebook. He won’t mind.


Let’s be honest here: You don’t want to recommend anything interesting or fun to a non-car person. When it breaks, they will blame you. You want something boring, bland, with a reputation for reliability. You want a CPO Camry.