New Jersey’s weekend of drift cars and dive bars is upon us! East Coast Bash starts this Saturday. Here are the details.

If you like listening to the theme from MTV’s WildBoyz blare in your eardrums while straight-six swapped 1990s Nissans go sideways for a while (and who doesn’t?) you want to get your ass to Raceway Park. That’s Englishtown New Jersey, about an hour south of NYC. Things kick off Saturday morning and run into the night, at which point things turn towards the direction of the trackside bar. Once everyone is awake and hungover, driving starts back up in the morning and goes through Sunday afternoon.

If you want to see the face of modern hot rodding, or if you just want to watch a bunch of fast cars go fast and sometimes crash into each other, it’s the place to be.


The event listing is here, if you’re curious.

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