Early 1970s Ford Bronco

Sorry, Ford truck fans, I just can't get the age range of this Bronco down to anything narrower than 1970-75. Here's your chance to tell us what year this green machine was made, and how you can tell! This truck lives on the same block as the very evil '73 Caprice wagon, and just looks so shiny and eager by comparison. Remember when the Bronco was small and didn't pretend to offer any sort of luxury? You got a bouncy ride and a straight-six or small V8, and that was it! Hard to believe, but here's the proof.


I can't help but think of the "Press Bronco" mentioned in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas when I see one of these. Of course, even a Bronco won't help you cover the Mint 400.

What's this- an automatic transmission? That just seems wrong. At least it has industro-style flat steel dash panels and switches you can find through a thick layer of swamp mud.


Sure, it probably gets 14MPG on the highway and rides like a Radio Flyer with square wheels, but how can you not love an early Bronco in green and white?


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