Dying Must Be Easy ‘Cause Drifting’s Hard

For a guy who’s only real experience behind the wheel was the occasional “high-spirited” driving on the roads of Long Island, drifting is one helluva sport to jump into. Combine that with the fact that the only real mechanical background I have thus far is what some would consider to be that of a “Subie Destroyer,” and you have a recipe for disaster.


Basically, I’m learning to drift. This POV video was made from footage that I compiled from my third grassroots drifting event—Clubloose’s “Freedom Moves”—at Englishtown Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. As you’ll see, I’m very much a beginner and have a lot to learn.

Photo by Raphael Orlove
Photo by Raphael Orlove

My interest in drifting was first piqued by Shoot First Media’s “Off Seasons” with professional drifter Ryan Tuerck. The sweet sounds of the blow-off valve reverberating off the trees and the squealing tires had me hooked. I wanted to be around drifting as much as possible.

Photo by Raphael Orlove
Photo by Raphael Orlove

After three years filming the Formula Drift circuit and super-slow motion operating on web shows like Network A’s “Tuerck’d: Game Of Drift,” I found myself owning and driving a “drift car” equally as old and rough around the edges as I am.

What have I gotten myself into?

Jared Auslander | Creative Video Editor And Shooter


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