Dumpling House In Japan Cooked Up 500 Hot Meals For Drivers Stuck In Massive Snowstorm

How the trucks stand today in the prefecture. Screenshot: ANNewsCH
How the trucks stand today in the prefecture. Screenshot: ANNewsCH

A snowstorm shut down not only Highway 8 running through Sakai City in Osaka, but also the nearby dumpling shop Gyoza No Osho. Not wanting to let the restaurant’s food go to waste, employees banded together to cook up some 500 meals for the drivers stuck in the miles-long traffic jam cutting through the neighborhood.

The jam itself trapped more than a thousand cars, as The Japan Times reports, stretching for not quite 20 miles thanks to a bad storm that dumped nearly two feet of snow on the area. In amongst the cold, as SoraNews24 collated, were a number of joyous tweets from drivers stuck on the road exclaiming how happy they were to have a hot meal:


Japanese Defense forces handed out yet more more to drivers, per The Japan Times, hundreds of whom were desperately stuck for what’s now two nights in a row on this road. It does appear that today, finally, most cars are all but cleared, per this news report:

Heavy machinery to clear the snow is having a harder time reaching the road than hot food, sadly.

(Hat tip to Paulo!)

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Whoa, a news story about humans not being awful to each other. I love it.