Dumb Hacker Teens Buy Ducati After Stealing $300,000 From Airlines

Photo: Ducati

Three teens and an elderly 27-year-old hacked an online airplane ticket sales site and managed to sell off a staggering $307,000 worth of tickets on Facebook. What’d they do with the money? What do you think?

The hackers got access to the travel agent ticket pool for the budget airline Citilink Indonesia and siphoned out the Rp 4.1 billion ($307,461 USD) worth of tickets through the site Tiket.com, one of the largest of its kind in Indonesia, JakartaGlobe reported. The hackers sold these tickets on Facebook.


The mastermind behind the hack, a 19-year-old identified by his initials as ‘SH,’ admitted he personally collected some Rp 600 million (around $45,000), and his spending habits were, uh, less than long term, as JakartaGlobe notes:

SH admitted to using the loot to buy expensive motorcycles.“I bought a Ducati motorcycle [...]. None of the money was used for investment [purposes],” SH said at the National Police headquarters on Tuesday.

SH only ever finished middle school, but got his experience in hacking by reading online and practicing by defacing thousands of websites, including one belonging to the National Police. He and his partners referred to themselves as the “Gangtengers Crew,” which is a play on the word “ganteng” for handsome, as Vice Indonesia explains.

The four hackers may face up to 12 years in prison. It is not clear which Ducati SH purchased, or if he felt it was worth it.

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