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YouTube Dum Dums Hit The Freeway In A Go-Kart

Willingly endangering your life for social media content is not a good idea.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Fox11 YouTube (Other)

The insatiable need to be the next viral star on social media can make some people do dangerous things. Local L.A. news outlets reported that Highway Patrol stopped a go kart on the freeway. Yea, I know.

The incident happened back in October, but the California Highway patrol is just now talking about it. Around 2 am, CHP Sgt. Geraty was patrolling the 101 freeway when he noticed traffic slowing down. That’s when he saw a small go-kart exiting the freeway with two other cars. From Fox 11:

He then saw the little kart driving in the slow lane and exiting at Woodman Ave. surrounded to the front and back by two cars that were clearly escorting the kart. Sgt. Geraty pulled everyone over on Woodman Ave.


The bad idea looks even worse when they were stopped by the officer and questioned. Annoyingly, they described themselves as “YouTubers” who were filming content. I can’t stress enough how dumb this all is. While drivers of all three vehicles were cited, a driver of one of the escort vehicles was cited for being a minor operating a vehicle without a license.

The driver of the go-kart was given a citation for unlawful operation and impeding drivers. That’s just a fancy way of saying you were going too damn slow for traffic. Granted the go-kart was in the slow lane, but still, it’s a go-kart. It doesn’t look as if any arrests were made.


This stunt wasn’t just dangerous for the people who undertook it, it created a dangerous situation for everyone else on the road that night.

And Highway Patrol agreed in a statement on their Facebook page.

Where do we begin with how incredibly dangerous, stupid and illegal this was. Absolutely zero social media content is worth putting your life or others in danger.