Dude Rolls His Jeep Trying To Drift

Watch this video if you've ever looked at a parking lot and said, 'hey, I bet I could drift my car here! Nothing could possibly go wrong!'


Here's how the liveleak uploader explained the video. Seems like he gets what went wrong (he was an idiot).

This was back when I thought I could stunt drive... in a Jeep Cherokee. Yes, I know I was a dumbass. Yes, I know I should have inflated my tires a lot more. Yes, I know I should have put sand down. These are all things I learned AFTER I rolled the bitch. haha, enjoy my stupidity!


Oh, we will. We will enjoy your stupidity.

Keep this video in mind next time you try your hand at parking lot drifting, kids.

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You know what. I wouldn't even have minded so much, if not for the second clip which clearly showed him drifting directly towards, and within feet of, several other folks' innocent parked cars. Fuck THAT.