Dude Jumps Over Fence At Last Second To Avoid Getting Killed On The Nürburgring

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Yellow flags on a track, while undeniably festive, have a very specific and important message: slow the fuck down. The yellow flags were out on this section of the Nürburgring, and a driver that ignored them came so close to killing a guy you’ll soil yourself in empathy.

There was an oil spill on this corner, and while it played havoc with many cars, check out what happened there at about 1:30:

It looks like the guy out there waving his arms was trying to get the attention of the drivers so they’d see the big flapping yellow flag and slow down. The driver of that BMW didn’t quite get the message, as they seemed to interpret the guy’s waving hands to mean “come in to the corner too hot, turn to early and too hard, and then crush me into custard against this fence.”


Luckily, the guy on the shoulder managed to scramble up that fence just in time, the BMW barely a foot underneath him as he gets to the top of the fence. The guy shooting the video had the only reaction that makes any sense: holy fuck.

Respect the yellow, everyone. Don’t crush anybody!

(h/t to Nick!)