As this car-carrying truck was consumed by raging inferno, somebody saw their moment to be a hero. Don’t be like them. Not for a Volkswagen.


Also, warning, it looks like the cameraperson was swatting flies with their phone while filming this.

Now I’m going to go ahead and disagree with this individual’s decision to get inside what I thought was a Volkswagen Jetta and back it away from what is definitely an extremely large fire. Not worth it, man. (Update: Wait, maybe it’s a Passat? [squints] The chrome strip on the bumper would seem to indicate that. The risk/reward still seems off.)


I’m getting the impression that the characters in our little story here have a different approach to safety than I do. What’s with that other guy standing right next to the conflagration? Is it that cold wherever this happened?

The uploader’s description puts the incident in China, but I’m not seeing any other details about what happened or what set this batch of cars on fire.

Stay away from burning stuff, guys. No entry-level sedan is worth your life.


Hat tip to Creative Accidents!

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