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Ducati Films Motorcycle Commercial Entirely With iPhone 4

This short HD commercial for the Ducati Multistrada motorcycle was shot using nothing but iPhone 4s. It looks great.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is basically a race to the top of a mountain up a mixture or twisty roads and dirt. It's one of the most exciting and challenging races in the world of motorsports and shooting it is a challenge usually involving helicopters. The crew shooting for Ducati manages to capture "156 Turns" of the race, interviews, and on-bike camera using multiple iPhone 4s and their built-in HD video cameras, which shoot in 720p at 30fps.


From the description, the producers say they used stabilization in post-production to produce the effect of using a real camera and it's relatively seamless.

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Dammit I want that bike. I've wanted it for a while now but thats the icing on the cake. The phones sucks balls though, breaks hella easily and you have to hold it in weird positions. How many did they break making this film??