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You Can Now Get Married On Dubai's Burj Al Arab Helipad

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you love aviation, and your future bride looks sexy with wind-blown hair, tell her to ask the Sheikh if you can recite your nuptials atop Dubai's seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel, on their helipad. Starting at only $55,000, Dad will still be able to afford that Bugatti he's been eying.

I have no doubt that the hotel could help you throw the party of the century (for a cost way higher than $55,000). The price includes a trip to the hotel in either their Rolls-Royce Phantom or their Augusta 109 helicopter. Tough call for me, but I'm going with the helicopter. I can picture the optional add-ons making the sticker price go up faster than Dubai's skyline.


Your festivities can include private tastings with the hotel's Executive Chef Maxime Luvara and a wedding cake planning session with Pastry Chef Johannes Bonin. Head Sommelier Dimitar Dimitriov will help you select drinks for your party. Special access can be arranged for you to spend time shopping alone at all of the top fashion design houses and jewelers as well.

But seriously though, in a land on par with Las Vegas in terms of everything being over-the-top, this is a pretty cool opportunity if you can swing the finances. After all, skydiving weddings are so cliche. The helipad at the Burj Al Arab has been the scene of some other pretty sweet events — Federer vs Agassi, a Rory McIlroy hole-in-one, and a donut spinning burnout by Formula One Champion David Coulthard.


In addition to the wind up there, don't forget the heat. As I write this, it's 105.8 degrees at the hotel, so just imagine your bride's perfectly-done make up running right off her face. I can't honestly picture the helipad itself making a good wedding venue. Sure, the views would make a perfect backdrop for a few quick photos, but I'd recommend keeping your festivities indoors.

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