Drunken Cop Crashes Into Home At 70 MPH Killing Dog And Leaving Woman With Broken Legs

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Drinking and driving is bad. This is a message no driver should need to be told, doubly so if you’re a police officer. Yet, it sounds like one Philadelphia officer didn’t get that memo and crashed his car into a house at high speed. The crash severely injured a woman and killed her dog.


In a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer, court documents show that on Saturday night, Officer Gregory Campbell was allegedly drunk when he blew a stop sign and launched his Dodge Dart into a house at 70 mph. The crash caused a 53-year-old woman to be dragged and pinned under Campbell’s Dart, reports CBS Philly. She was hospitalized in critical condition with a collapsed lung and broken legs. The woman was on a couch with her husband, who required treatment for less-severe injuries. One of the couple’s two dogs was killed.

As for why the officer was apparently drunk...he is believed to have attended a fundraiser involving beer. From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Multiple law enforcement sources said Campbell is believed to have attended a beef and beer fund-raiser that was held from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Crispin Tavern, on Holme Avenue near Ashton Road, for the family of James O’Connor IV, a police corporal who was fatally shot while serving an arrest warrant in Frankford last year.

At some point, Campbell — who was off-duty — ended up at the 7C Lounge, a bar and restaurant inside the FOP’s sprawling headquarters on Caroline Road, about five miles from Crispin Tavern.

The officer crashed into the house at 8:20 pm, going more than twice the posted 30 mph speed limit.

Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby stated he didn’t know where Campbell was that night. From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

I don’t know where he was prior [to the accident].

I think there’s still some confusion. I have not spoken to the guy. I’m talking to my folks here, and they’re still not sure whether [Campbell] was here or not.

Campbell was charged with driving under the influence, aggravated assault and criminal mischief. He was released on the condition that he doesn’t drink or drive.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Campbell is only the latest officer in the department to face criminal charges. The department has arrested at least a half dozen current and former officers for horrible crimes such as murder, sexual assault, robbery, terroristic threats and more.


Don’t drink and drive. It’s just not worth it. NHTSA says that someone dies in drunken-driving-related crashes every 50 minutes. If you’re even buzzed, take an Uber home and fetch your car in the morning.

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Easy fix.

Obviouslyhe will need to go on fully paid administrative leave until this blows over and everyone forgets about it.

We definitely need to arrest her and bring up any past criminal history or personal history that could shame her in the public eye and make her seem like more of a criminal and less of a victim.

After that I guess I don’t know shoot the other dog? maybe frame the husband for something?

Seems like an easy path forward.