Drunk Russian Mechanic Crashed Into Home With A Tank

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Beryozovo is a relatively peaceful village located on the Ob River far away in the Ural Mountains in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, a federal subject of Russia. It has around 7,000 residents, one of which just got a nasty surprise thanks to a local mechanic.

The eighty-year-old woman presumably had seen quite a lot already in her life, but a tank crashing through her garage was something even she wasn't prepared for.

After the police had arrived, they determined that the thing that crushed her property wasn't a tank, but rather "a 14-ton all-terrain vehicle". It was probably more comforting that it had stopped in her yard just before reaching the house as well. Due to the driver's intoxicated condition, the questioning could only take place the next morning, while the the officers were also looking into whether or not the vehicle was stolen, in which case the mechanic will face a five year prison sentence. He didn't remember how he got to Beryozovo. Straight ahead is a pretty good guess. What's certain is that he can say goodbye to his driving licence, his job, and all his money until that garage gets fixed.


Vodka can do that to you.

Photo credit: Police via The Moskow Times. Hat tip to Markó Ferkó