Drunk Prius Driver Crashes During Traffic Stop, Twice

This Huntington Beach resident is suspected of driving his Prius under the influence. Exhibit A: he backs his car into the police car that pulled him over. Exhibit B: After retrieving his car, he crashes it into a light pole.


Christian Aparacio managed to drive drunk for a while without hitting anyone and was perhaps contemplating how to talk his way out of a ticket when his Prius went runaway on him and Jim Sikes'd its way into the cop car that pulled him over. Officer Tony White of the Laguna Beach Police Department calmly watches Aparicio go for his car.

Then, for some reason, Aparicio applies way too much gas and slams into an a water/air dispenser at the gas station he's pulled into. No one was hurt, but Aparacio was arrested on suspension of a DUI crash. That'll be hard to prove... [OCRegister]

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