Drunk Driver Parks Ferrari On Tracks, Calls 911, Watches It Explode

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In a day marked by extreme examples of utter stupidity, Jeff Sabold wins. Sabold, allegedly drunk, drives his Ferrari onto railroad tracks and calls 911 while still inside. The amazing call below the jump.


Mr. Sabold needs to go to jail for a mixture of driving while intoxicated and destroying a perfectly good exotic car (we think a Ferrari 575). The 911 operator, who sounds like my 5th grade bus driver, needs to get an award for putting the pieces together and talking the drunk loser out of his car before the train turns into an expensive Italian paperweight.


In addition to wrecking his car, the owner is happy to give his location and full name to the police, despite knowing he's probably drunk and now subject to arrest. The lack of self preservation instinct is overwhelming.

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UPDATE: Turns out the Ferrari driver is the owner of Automotive Concepts, the "number one source for Luxury Automobile Service in the Dallas - Fort Worth area." Hilariously, his company bio states "[Jeff] has a passion of not only taking care of your luxury vehicle, but doing it right the first time."

Thanks Garrett & Lee for the tip!


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