Drunk Cop Naps In Squad Car... In An Intersection

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Soberness is so over-rated, especially if you were dealing with 100,000 drunken morons last Saturday at the Texas Motor Speedway. This had to be the conclusion drawn by Fort Worth Police Officer Clinton Wyatt after spending his day on duty there. So why not knock back a few when your shift ends at six? And a couple more? And a couple more? No problem. Just don't get into your marked cruiser and drive anywhere, that's not smart . And were you do that, it certainly wouldn't be smart to fall asleep at a major signaled intersection — in the middle of the road — where at 3:49 AM another officer arrests you for drunk driving. At least Officer McDrinky didn't pull a Michael McDowell. [Star-Telegram]


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@teargas: Same here. The worse drinking/driving offenders I've ever met were cops because they knew they wouldn't face any consequences.