I'm not entirely sold on the part of the 2017 V8 Supercars rules that allow non-V8 engines to run yet, because I'll admit: I love that sound. On the other hand, I'm all about the part of the 2017 regulations that allow non-sedan body styles, however, because we could be getting a Volvo wagon. REJOICE!

According to a tip we received today, this came from a source within Volvo who claims that Volvo and Polestar want to run a V60 wagon as soon as the 2017 regulations go into effect that allow other body styles.

Racing is somewhat of a marketing exercise, and Volvo known around the world for rad wagons. Even in my neighborhood, it doesn't matter if you need some extra room for dogs or if you're a struggling hipster scrimping by to afford artisanal kale cupcakes: you can't do wrong with a classic Volvo wagon.


This is a win-win for everybody, especially those of us pining for the days of the wonderful Volvo 850 in the British Touring Car Championship. Volvo was the first manufacturer team to race a wagon in 1994 with that 850, and it's since become one of the most iconic race cars of all time.


Haters of cookie-cutter race cars will love the new V8-Optional Supercars body style rules that better reflect the cars available on the road today. Lovers of wagons, well, Australian Santa just popped down our chimney in mid-March with a bag full of awesome.

Oh, you plucky Swedes. Please, let me swing by with a plate of congratulatory köttbullar to celebrate how you win at life.


Photo credit: Tips (new car), Volvo (850 BTCC)

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