Drone Footage Reveals Tesla's Gigafactory Has A Dope Ass Traffic Circle

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Hey look, more drone footage of Tesla’s semi-complete Gigafactory, which is big and square and—wait. What the hell is that? Is that a dope ass traffic circle for factory traffic? It seems so.

So check it out; here’s some 4K footage filmed around Easter of the progress of Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada from YouTube channel Above Reno.

Part of the factory is already functional for the company’s Powerwall products, and when it’s all finished, it will be around 13 million square-feet of windowless, cubical production space. Just in time for the Model 3!

But whatever, because check out this dope ass traffic circle they’ve built for the emerging industrial park:


I like traffic circles. They’re convenient and efficient, and I don’t have to stop or even slow down if I’m brave. This particular circle-of-the-traffic is curious though.


The road coming from behind the camera drone in that above shot is coming directly from the factory, as seen in other shots from the video. It’s also two-directional and four lanes wide. Four lanes? They need four lanes for factory access? Damn.

That factory access road connects at the fancy traffic circle to Electric Avenue, the cleverly named road that marks the address for Tesla’s Gigafactory and surrounding growing industrial park. Electric Lane shoots through the circle to the left into what is yet to be.. some buildings and stuff.


I’ve never really seen a roundabout in a corner like this before. This is cool because it acts as an easy way for three directions to converge, or for stranded, hopeless motorists to turn around, without requiring anyone to stop. Cool!

You can see the original plan called for something a little more common-looking with the road layout:


Oh yea and the drone shots were cool and good and 4K and stuff, filmed using a DJI Phantom 4. Fantastic. You can see the giant Tesla box is progressing nicely.

MEANWHILE, the Model 3 launch is tomorrow, so watch out for that. We gotcha.